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Hi, my name is Possum (Poss) and I'm looking for my new forever home!

I'm a four and half year old Ragdoll X who currently lives with my mum and sister kitty.

But, here's the problem.

For the last three years I've slowly become very territorial towards my sister kitty, even though we've been together since we were both six months old. I refuse to share anything with her and I often play aggressively with her. I've made her bleed a few times. She hisses at me as a result and it stresses me out. Basically, I love to terrorise her. She hates it. Mum has had to break us up a few times and put us both in time out.

My sister and I don't get along anymore, and my mum has tried everything for a very long time to try and help me not be anxious and stressed and to get along with my sister but nothing has worked.

My mum has made the difficult decision to find me a wonderful new home where I'm happy as a single cat and where I can soak up all the love and not have to share it.

I absolutely LOVE a good snuggle session on the couch on your lap or in under the blankets in bed (if you'll let me). I'm very talkative, I love to play with anything I can find (especially my laser pointer) and I will headbutt you until I get attention.

I don't like being picked up. I never have. I will stiffen up and panic, so a home where I'm respected is needed for me. I'm kind of scared of a lot of things, especially young kids, so I would much prefer a home with no kids or older kids who know how to not scare me. I have absolutely zero interest in being outside, so please keep me inside where I'm safe. I'm happy to sit on the window sill watching life go by. I adapt very well in new environments as long as you leave me be to explore on my own and then be there for me when I'm ready for cuddles. I was around puppy dogs in my first foster home but I haven't been near then since so I'm not sure how I'd go with them, but if they're big, then I'll be scared. Again, I need to be the only pussycat in the house.

I know I'm a lot, but I'm a princess (in true Ragdoll form) and I deserve to be happy in my new home. I will be the most loyal companion to you.

If you dont end up liking me, please return me to my previous mum or back to Dunroamin. Don't abandon me or take me to a pound

Albury Wodonga Area


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