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"The SmartCats StayHome system has completely changed how our foster cats live while waiting for their forever homes. As a cat-loving rescue, we believe cats deserve to laze about in the sun, stretch their legs and enjoy fresh air, but we have also seen EVERYTHING that lies on the "other side of the fence” when cats escape and roam the neighbourhood. The inclusion of a SmartCats StayHome cat fence has allowed our foster cats to relish in the delights of the outdoors freely without physical or mental harm for the 500+ residents throughout the last three years. It has truly allowed us to create a kitty paradise, that is kind to the felines, the environment and with it’s near-invisible design, our eyes too!

Our rescue is all about responsible cat ownership so we want more people to get on board with this cat containment system.

We service a huge area from the Riverina up through the snowy mountains and our reach extends throughout all of NSW & VIC, so helping the community keep their cats safe is making a significant impact. 

Many cats suffer from extreme anxiety at intruding and unfamiliar animals, causing them to develop behavioural issues and problematic marking habits, which can be very difficult to rehabilitate for rehoming, but the SmartCats StayHome system keeps our cats feeling safe in their own space by keeping other animals out of sight!

This is by far the best and most humane solution available."

By using the code Dunroamin when you purchase any SmartCats StayHome Installation Pack you will be supporting Dunroamin Pet Rescue with a $40.00 donation from SmartCats StayHome to help with the work they do rescuing cats in distress and finding new caring homes. 

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