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Staffy x cattle dog

14 wks

Hey Folks I’m Buzz, or Buzzy boy, Buzzy bee or just crazy boi

My story in a doggy rhyme

I love to run and play

I had myself a home to go and stay

I had a big growth spurt

All a sudden I hurt

I couldn’t walk, I was so sick

I couldn’t even sit

Back to Dunroamin I came to stay

Crated, and kept quiet, Dr Dav did say

For 2 weeks I was locked away

From all the fun that’s had here every day

No one heard me complain

I didn’t even get to play in the rain

Now folks, I’ve done my time

And I’m feeling mighty fine

I had a growing kinda pain,

the sort that goes away

Dr Dav says it might came back again

All I have to do is grow big to stop it

I’ll need a kind loving home

Who understand my ways

Because if I go down

I’ll need you to contact Dr Dav

Buzz was treated for growing pains, and has recovered. We are unsure if this will happen again during he’s growth period.

We’d prefer Buzz go to a home where he can be the only dog.

Buzz is a character who will warm your hearts and home. Buzz is food motivated making him easy to train.

Buzz is living with cats & other dogs.

Buzz in located in Albury/Wodonga


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