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4 - almost


Beautiful little kelpie Gem is looking for a comfy spot to call home in a couple of weeks time

Gem’s done the hard work of raising her last litter, she’s ready to relax and let others take over

Understandable that Gem’s not a fan of small dogs. Gem been around larger dogs and cats without an issue

With her personality now shining through, she’s a funny girl who loves a run, a bone to chew on and possibly even a purpose to her day.

Gem is not a fan of loud noises, sirens, fireworks or thunder. She doesn’t run, she likes a nice comfy spot to pop under to feel safe. Gem is fine with everyday noise.

Gem loves a snuggle, pups no longer require her time.

She’ll check them (cause she’s a great mumma doggo) then it’s her time for cuddles on the couch with her human/s

Make sure all the family is on board before applying for gorgeous Gem

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