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Eris & Xur

Two dashing young lads looking for something special.

A property to roam, a nice comfy place inside to sleep, yummy food, special treats and a very patient human...

You see these boys have not had the best start in life. Humans were a no go zone and still kinda are, unless you are patient enough and allow time for trust to be gained. They have spent two years in foster care so they could learn that being a house cat isn't so bad.

Xur (black) is the biggest scaredey cat, you can not approach him but he will come for a quick pat if he doesn't feel threatened (like when you're sitting on the loo). He loves to snuggle in cozy, warm places, including your bed! He also may run past and nibble your foot if he's feeling frisky .

Eris (tabby) is a total sweetheart. He takes care of all the foster kids he lives with. He is more tolerant of pats but only if he comes to you. Once he gets to know you, he will even let you give him a 3 second cuddle and a smooch if he's near you in bed. Favourite spot at night in winter is on the bed in between your legs .

The boys need to be able to go outside safely, but be able to return home at night for a feed and snuggle.

Please apply through our website if you have that special something to offer these precious little guys


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