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This boy is an absolute love bug.

Unless your a cat who isn't bothered by a nose up their bum to try and get them to run.

Then chasing is the game.

He loves to play with other dogs but can be bossy with food and love.

Yes cuddling other pooches bothers him if he wants cuddles.

Scooter can and does keep up with a kelpie.

Run like the wind he can this makes him so happy.

He could live with a cat but they need to have zero reaction.

He doesn't respond well to a slap on the nose from a pussycat.

We want perfection for this little guy.

If you have a yard.

Are active.

Have lots of time at home you won't find a better bestie.

Happily sleeps on the bed on your head snores away.

The sweetest nature.

Located in Walwa

A meet is essential for this active happy adorable boy


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