Hi there. Do you wanna tat thats a tad different ? You might want me then. I really like kittens silly little suckers forget how big I am and wanna play he he I like that they are putty in my pussycat paws. I enjoy lots of humans but if possible I would like just one other furry adult friend as too many gets a bit much for me. My interests include sleeping, eating, laying around, sitting on the couch, reclining in bed, sun baking, meal time and lots of pats and kisses. I’m a big chunky lover boy and I’ll probably flop down on my back to show you my fluffy belly straight away. I’m pretty cuddly and affectionate and will need to sleep in your bed. My people left me at the pound so I just need to know you will love me feed me and feed me some more foreva and eva.

Currently relaxing in Wodonga. PLEASE SHARE MY HANDSOME FACE 😁

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